I welcome residents who bring with them such an exciting sense of promise and possibility. 

Our vision of postgraduate program is to produce competent consultants fulfilling the roles of academicians, leaders as well as astute clinicians. Our mission is to provide educational environment enriched with experiences and training for our future academic leaders and competent clinicians who have the confidence, capabilities, and ethical decision-making skills, creativity, dedication to improve the oral and general health of the patients at local, national and global level.

Education gives power of expression and involves knowledge, skills and moral values and educated groomed individual behave as an intellectual rather than just a literate.

To some, teaching and education seems interchangeable terms, but we submit that there is a significant difference. We do more than transferring information and focus on knowledge, not information, and this demands that we create a culture of education that emphasizes the process of learning through interactions, engagements, discourse and critical analysis, something that makes LMDC what it is today.

Today is the era of post-graduation in medical and Dental field. LMDC, PGDE embodies a new paradigm in Dental Education which focuses on professionalism, lifelong learning, clinical expertise and research – all reinforced by the capacity to critically appraise Medical literature and use the best evidence available. 

Our postgraduates’ residents are not mere doctors, but they are humane scientists who continually seek and incorporate new philosophies in the field of dentistry and patient care.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it” and luck always favor braves. 

Warm wishes

Prof. Dr. Aqib Sohail

Principal / Dean